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Decentralized Currency Reserve Protocol Built on the Binance Smart Chain

What Is Moob?

Moob means Multivendor Optimized Organization on the Blockchain. Moob DAO is a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the Moob token. Our protocol provides a way to diversify portfolios, lower volatility, and outperform the traditional financial system. Moob offers an alternative opportunity for individuals who are looking for stability, security, and high yielding growth opportunities. Each Moob Token is backed by a variety of assets secured in the Moob Treasury. This gives the Moob Token an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.

Treasury Revenue

Algorithmic abundance

Moob is a decentralized protocol based on the $Moob Token – collateralized and backed by the Moob Treasury. $Moob is the reserve currency on the Binance Smart Chain. By using Algorithmic control of the market dynamics Moob stable currency focuses to curb inflation and give users the same purchasing power. You certainly will be seeing Moob’s protocol owned liquidity to a location near you.

Bond & LP Fees

Treasury Growth

Bond sales and LP fees increase our Treasury Revenue and lock in Liquidity which helps to control token supply. Moob Tokens can only be minted or burned by the protocol. This process allows for the guaranteed backing of all Moob Tokens. The ratio is 1 Moob backed by 1 BUSD.

Moob Token

Staking Rewards

When Moob Token is staked, it means that the token owner lends the token to Moob, When that action takes place then the Staker (Token owner) receives Compound yields automatically through a treasury backed currency with intrinsic value.


Online at our website(moobmarketplace.com) or within brick and mortar stores ( see our upcoming store locator page ) you can use Moob tokens to make your purchases. Over 60,000 upcoming vendors encompassing over 1 million products and services. When inside stores use your Moob Card to pay as you would with regular cash. The Moob Card will integrate with your digital wallet and other funding options. Everytime the Moob Card is used you'll be rewarded with cashbacks.

Target Brands

A true Store
of Value doesn’t

A Store of Value is an asset that is stable or increases in value over time.

Stablecoins are vulnerable to inflationary policies, while Bitcoin or Ethereum suffer from market crashes or manipulation. None of these is a true Store of Value.

Moob Aims to Become a True Store of Value

How is Moob

Moob is designed to grow in value

Moob is backed by an ever-growing, income-generating treasury. We’ve created a currency that is able to constantly grow purchasing power despite market conditions. Moob is also succeding in the effort to bring the Moob Token to a store near you partnering with Retailers throughout the world to make this a true utilty.


Moob LP is owned and protected by Moob itself

Moob owns almost all of its liquidity, which helps maintain price stability and treasury income. With a protocol-owned liquidity, Moob is protected from unpredictable and unfavorable market conditions due to longevity and efficiency