The Moob Qwantum Payment Card

The Moob Card is free to all Moob Members . The card is excellent when making purchases in person at a store or online at The Card allows access to funds in your crypto wallet , this is done on a permission basis by the wallet owner. You are in charge and you authorize all transactions. The card itself resembles an ordinary magnetic stripe card, but that's where the similarities end. Standard issuance is plastic card stock, with other substrates available including paper or metal, depending on your preference, choose the card type that works best for you.

No Personally Identifiable Information PII

The benefit of having no personally identifiable information is that you no longer need to worry about sensitive data in any network or data storage systems. Moob Qwantum cards remove PII from the transaction environment in its entirety. When PII is removed, securing the environment is much easier and greatly reduces liability and risk-management concerns for management of sensitive data.

Tamper Responsive Cards

Moob Qwantum cards cannot be cloned. If a cloned or counterfeit copy is made onto standard card stock, or even other Moob Qwantum Card stock, the card will emit a signal that identifies the fraudulent card as a counterfeit copy in real-time. The transaction will be stopped and malicious card use will be prevented. As a read-only technology, if the data on the Moob Qwantum stripe is altered or substituted, the card will automatically disable itself and will fail validation. This tamper-responsive feature is unique to Moob Qwantum cards.

Dynamic Data – Anti-Replay Protection

Moob Quantum cards emit a dynamic Qwantum Code value that automatically changes on each use. This value is random and unpredictable yet can be validated by a host authentication system in real-time. This dynamic value prevents the use of “replay attacks' ', in which attackers attempt to reuse data captured from previous transactions.

Familiar Form Factor

Safer and more durable than chip cards, dynamic - unlike 2D barcodes, Moob Qwantum cards are very easy to use. Every generation knows how to slide a Moob Qwantum Card.

Two-Factor Authentication

Moob Qwantum cards are the next generation of two-factor authentication tokens that are cost effective and user friendly.

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